There are many factors to be kept in mind when implementing an enterprise class business phone system beyond just the technical capabilities or financial requirements. Business VoIP offers a whole host of features that can significantly expand the communications network for an organization. With VoIP technology, there is no reason for the phone system to [...]

3 Important Features of Business VoIP
Android VoIP users can now check out for updates on SIP calling on the Android OS. We’ll post full updates there about the new Gingerbread release. Stay tuned!

siponandroid launched!
Organizations transitioning to VoIP need to choose between on premise solutions and hosted services. Increasingly the market is shifting towards cloud-based services – whether it is for collaboration, communication technology, application development or data storage. Small wonder then that the on-premise segment is growing very slowly when compared to the hosted services market where growth [...]

Are On-Premise VoIP Systems Still Viable?

VoIP – The Dangers of Diversification

Companies looking to implement VoIP have a choice – they can purchase VoIP service and other features separately from third-party vendors (to get best of breed applications for each function) or get a comprehensive suite from one provider. Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks for clients as well as the vendors themselves. Disadvantages of [...]

Keep your VoIP Network from Going Down

Companies considering VoIP as an alternative to their existing phone system will have concerns with quality and reliability. Bad audio quality and poor reliability can combine to create a horrendous VoIP experience – enough to make an organization go back to their phone carriers even if it is more expensive. When deciding on VoIP, quality [...]

VoIP and UC Customization

Even as some organizations are implementing VoIP systems in their offices, others are already looking towards the next step in technology – unified communications. When it comes to unified communication systems, there is no one “perfect” solution that can be applicable to every company in any industry. Some enterprises will prefer to implement end-to-end UC [...]

Cloud and VoIP Synergies – One Feeds off the Other

Enterprises in most industries are in a state of transition as they upgrade existing technology across various business functions. Business class phone systems are giving way to sophisticated VoIP networks even as on premise software and data centers are moving into the cloud. Many businesses see these two processes as completely separate even though hosted [...]

Easy VoIP Security Measures

VoIP security is gaining more prominence as IP phone systems become ubiquitous across the enterprise landscape. With more organizations switching over to either hosted VoIP or through SIP trunking, these networks are becoming attractive for hacking, and criminal and espionage activity (both government and corporate) by unauthorized users. As a result, security measures, audit reports [...]

Does WebRTC Play Nicely with SIP?

Communication technologies are in a constant state of flux nowadays. Just as the world is getting used to VoIP as the next standard in voice communication, along comes WebRTC promising even more integration and fluidity. Little wonder that many people are getting confused over the similarities or differences between SIP and WebRTC. Broadly speaking, both [...]

With WhatsApp Turning Pro, Did Microsoft Make a Mistake with Skype?

With Apple and Google both launching VoIP calling on the respective mobile platforms, the competition is increasing for Skype. But perhaps Microsoft is looking at the wrong competitors. Even though Google and Apple have shown interest in capturing the instant messaging/mobile VoIP space, WhatsApp is currently the king of the mobile messaging market. Until its [...]

WhatsApp Privacy Concerns

WhatsApp Privacy Concerns after Facebook Acquisition

Facebook’s recent multibillion-dollar acquisition of the popular mobile messenger WhatsApp had caused quite the uproar in the tech industry. Technology journalists and industry experts alike were stunned at the news and media outlets have written many articles speculating about the benefits that each side could garner from this deal. Apart from the excitement generated by [...]

VoIP Regulation

Are US States Regulating VoIP?

With more companies and consumers switching to VoIP technology every day, it is clearly here to stay. Even legacy carrier networks such as AT&T are investing in VoIP because they see the writing on the wall: VoIP will become the standard for voice communication, replacing copper line networks. While retail and business consumers can rejoice, [...]

WhatsApp and Faceboon - What's in Store?

Will Facebook Turn WhatsApp into a VoIP Solution?

Billion-dollar valuations are not new in Silicon Valley and many startups have received significant investments on that basis. Billion-dollar acquisitions, on the other hand, are much rarer. Naturally Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion caused quite the storm in the tech industry. However, the furor over Instagram pales in comparison to the commotion caused by [...]